Short-term Major Medical Insurance  - (Temporary Health Insurance)

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Quick Easy Hassle Free Health Insurance, short-term medical coverage, is a wonderful affordable temporary health insurance alternative to expensive long-term permanent coverage-- especially if you are between health plans. 

Short-term medical was designed to offer quality comprehensive emergency medical protection to those persons whose old coverage, perhaps through an ex-employer had ended and whose new coverage being offered through a new employer had not yet started. 

Short-term medical offers a wonderful AFFORDABLE alternative to COBRA as well for healthy people. Persons covered through their past employer's plan under COBRA need to be certain that they understand they will be giving up coverage for pre-existing conditions if opting for short-term medical insurance instead of continuing their COBRA coverage. People with serious pre-existing conditions on expensive medications are not in any position to be seeking more affordable alternatives through short term medical plans and are  better off keeping their COBRA coverage to ensure ongoing treatment for their medical problems.


Short-term medical provides:

  1. Guaranteed Acceptance at published rates IF you can answer "NO" to health questions asked on the application

  2. Comprehensive in-patient and out-patient medical protection, including surgery, intensive care, emergency room, therapies, doctors visits and more

  3. Ability to go to any doctor or hospital

  4. No Primary care physician requirements

  5. Major Medical and Hospitalization Coverage for the exact number of days you need up to usually 185 days or up to 36 months with some carriers

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Short-term Medical is Affordable:

Strength + Size = Quality + Savings = a better short-term medical value for you! 

What Do Assurant Company's underwritten by John Alden and Time Short-term medical plans Cover?

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