Medicare Supplements (in the process of updating)

Traditionally Medicare supplements were designed to fill in the gaps of coverage in Medicare. Just as Medicare is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B the traditional federally mandated Medicare Supplements or Medigap Plans are divided into two sections.

Part A covers in-hospital expenses and Part B covers doctors services
and out patient expenses.

Part A (Hospital Costs) Medicare Covers  Supplement Coverage
Deductible  zero all supplements but "A"
First 60 days in hospital 100%  N/A
Cost for days 61-90    
Cost days 91-150    
Up to 365 more days  zero  eligible expenses (all plans)
Blood all but 3 pts.  3 pints.
Skilled Nursing Facility- day 1-20 100% N/A
days 21-100 all but all supplements but "A"
Part B (Physicians Costs)    
Deductible  zero all plans but "A" and "D"
Coinsurance 80%  all supplement plans
Excess Benefits  zero  Plans F, G, H, I, J
Blood all but 3 pts. 3 pints
Emergency Foreign Medical  zero $50,000 except for plan "A"
At Home Recovery Visits zero  Plans D,
Prescriptions zero   partial after deductible plans H, I and J only