Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) I'm a business owner looking for a health insurance plan, can you help me?

Answer: It depends on a number of factors. If you are a business owner with employees, the answer is "yes". We can not only quote rates and take your applications but we can show you how to obtain the best health insurance values  in your area available through only the highest rated national carriers.This applies in all states where we do business expect Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Due to the limited compensation brokers receive (ie. only $6 per employee per month from United Healthcare in Massachusetts and $21 per employee per month in Rhode Island as a result of those states unfriendly health insurance regulations resulting in high insurance costs and little competition) we have group size minimums we will work with in those states. Call 1-888-848-7708 (toll free) for details.

For Massachusetts Sole Proprietors without any employees, we have evaluated the best health insurance values among the highest rated carriers national carriers and have listed step by step instructions on this website as to how you can go about obtaining the best health insurance plans.

2) I need health insurance for myself and/or my family because my employer doesn't offer it. Can you help me?

Answer: Again some states have such unfriendly insurance regulations that they have essentially DESTROYED their individual insurance markets. This is especially the case in the northeast in RI, MA, NY, NJ, ME, and VT. In these states, insurance companies can't afford to offer affordable plans to individuals. So generally individuals are on their own in these states and must contact Blue Cross or HMOs in their state directly and ask to be sent information about plans available for individuals. If you are pregnant or have children and meet certain income guidelines, you maybe be eligible for state assistance. In Massachusetts, you don't even need to have children. You only need to meet income guidelines.

In Rhode Island, if you are healthy and just needing health insurance for an unforseen emergency, there is a very affordable alternative  to expensive individual medical plans through Blue Cross offered by a 100+  year old national health insurer. Call for the exciting details!

If you are looking for individual coverage and are located in any other state we do business in, we can definitely help you! We'll save you dozens of hours of shopping by  finding for you the best plans in your area you can qualify for that give you the greatest protection for the least cost.

3) I'd like to get coverage as soon as possible. I'm a healthy college  student on a budget and am no longer on my parents plan. What are my options?

Answer: for the young and healthy (or for older healthy individuals) we recommend short-term medical insurance which is designed to cover claims incurred for illnesses or accidents that happen while insured on the policy. It is quick and easy AND VERY AFFORDABLE and you have access to any doctor or hospital anywhere in the country with discounts also available through a national PPO.   You can be covered as quickly as 24 hours from now and can even get quotes without obligation and apply on-line. See the site map under "S" for short-term medical insurance details.

5) We are a small business with 20 employees and are shopping for health insurance alternatives as our rates are going up next in two months and we'd like some quotes.

Answer: We'd be happy to help after we know what we have to  beat in order to secure your business. After you have found something you think you like,  fax us a quote and descriptions and a census of your group and we'll do much better.

6) I need health insurance to pay for my prescriptions but can't afford what I'm being quoted for rates. Can you help?

Answer: Ask your doctor to give you samples of the prescriptions you are on. In the meantime, get yourself to a good Naturopathic Doctor  that is trained in Natural medicine who can help you strengthen your immune system so you no longer need the prescriptions. As long as you are on multiple prescriptions, you will NEVER qualify for the best health insurance rates. However, as soon as the Naturopath helps you get off the prescriptions, all that will change -- and you'll have your robust health back--and its surprisingly affordable and well worth spending your own money on -especially considering the health benefits you'll realize in a matter of months..


7) I'd be willing to pay you to help me with claims issues I'm having with a carrier now. I'm getting bills from a hospital  and I had a plan with a $400 deductible. I don't understand it.

Answer: In states without healthy individual health insurance markets where quality individual carriers don't make coverage available, people are easy targets for scams, rip-offs and maybe end up with substandard plans. In fact if your policy is more than 10 years old you may very well have substandard coverage that may have been sold to you from a reputable carrier.

Minimal adequate coverage should provide a minimum of $1 million  of coverage and should have no dollar  maximums for surgery . Full in-patient and outpatient benefits including prescriptions should be provided subject to a deductible and coinsurance. There should also be a clear and manageable out of pocket maximum. In other words, a $400 deductible and 80/20 coinsurance without an out of pocket limit  for the calendar year is an indication of a substandard plan.

To help the average consumer in situation like this, an extremely valuable information packed report containing information, tips and step by step instructions how to negotiate lower rates with providers will soon be available for $25 which is affordable for everyone. 

In this report you'll discover:

1)The most important safeguards in a health insurance policy that must be there if you are to be truly protected from financial loss. More and more policies do NOT have these important protections which can mean the difference between being able to sleep at night - even after you have a claim because you know you are protected by your policy versus enough stress and financial ruin from excruciating high medical bills due to lack of protection from a sub par policy - to bring on a bankruptcy and ANOTHER illness,

2) How to minimize your damages and keep collection agencies off your back once you are in a mess by discovering how to negotiate lower rates with providers. Hospitals are notorious for gouging consumers that think they have to pay whatever they are billed. Stop being intimidated! Insurance companies don't pay those rates, so why should you?

3) Where on the internet you'll find sites that disclose what hospitals will try and charge as well as what the costs of providing these services actually is. Sometimes the mark up is 15 times the cost.

4) How to to manifest the outcome you want with a provider by  knowing your rights .

5) How to use the media and public sympathy or simply the threat of using the media. to quickly end the nightmare and settle for a fraction of the charges initially billed and much more!.

 Ordinarily our consulting rate for small businesses just wanting to be shown how to save the most amount of health insurance premiums they can is 5% of their first years savings. If you owe $5000 in medical bills and this report shows you how to negotiate that rate to $1000, you would have saved $4000. 5% of your savings would be $200.  

Its priced at $25 to make the information available to anyone including those who are merely interested in obtaining the information.