Affordable Health Insurance for Graduates

 Congratulations! You've graduated and now you are on your own. One of more of the following probably apply to you:

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Your Solution: A Short-term Medical Insurance Plan  with John Alden Life Insurance Company, an Assurant Company.

 It provides:

       Instant Quotes & Apply Online   Faxable short-term medical application/brochure RI only    STM plan quick reference

Helpful Tips:


  Want or need help while applying for coverage on-line or have any questions? Call  1-888-848-7708 (toll free).
  Your licensed independent agent is Emily Harding She'd be happy to return your call and walk you
  through the application or answer any questions you may have. Or email questions
  to Please be sure to include a phone number where you can
  be reached so questions that are more involved can be answered more clearly and efficiently over
  the phone.