Assurant Health's  Short-term Medical Insurance Underwritten by John Alden

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a    Policy period choices from 30 days to 12 months. Choose only what you need.
a TIP: Save  on your premiums with the single payment options (up to 20%)
a TIP: Get twice as much protection for a 33% lower cost per month than the
         12 month plan with the 6 month plan
a     Ideal for healthy people who just want coverage for emergencies
a $2 Million Lifetime Maximum includes coverage for office visits, prescriptions, ambulance, emergency room, surgery, hospitalization, any doctor or hospital anywhere in the USA  - No Primary Care Physician Requirements
a Discounts with providers from the national Private Healthcare Systems Preferred Provider Organization
a An Annual Physical is not covered
a Pre-existing conditions are not covered
a Honestly answer "No" to a few health questions and you instantly are accepted
a Coverage can start as soon as the next day
a Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed ! Just return the policy during the 10 day free look period for a full refund if you aren't happy with the coverage. No questions asked!
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Best of all, your coverage need not expire after  six months or a year as you'll be given an opportunity to get another policy before the first one runs out!