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Rhode Island Health Insurance -  The Individual Market was destroyed in Rhode Island six years ago due state health insurance regulations incompatible with the health insurance industr. All carriers that used to offer individual insurance through insurance agencies to Rhode Islanders decided to leave the state.

Other than just a few very expensive plans offered by Rhode Island Blue Cross Blue Shield and available only directly through RIBCBS, There are NO COMPREHENSIVE INDIVIDUAL MAJOR MEDICAL PLANS AVAILABLE IN Rhode Island through insurance agents- and nothing that is reasonably priced as compared choices in other states with modern insurance legislation AND MANY MORE  CARRIERS. 

Therefore for Individuals and Families who do not qualify for assistance through RiTE CARE, we recommend Short-term Medical Insurance with John Alden/Assurant Health. See the comparison with Blue Cross:

Carrier John Alden
Short-term Medical


A.M. Best Rating A- B+
Yes No
Full Hospitalization Yes Yes
Full Outpatient Yes Yes
Full Surgeries Yes Yes
Full Diagnostics Yes Yes
Prescriptions Yes Yes
Ambulance Yes Yes
$2 Million+ Lifetime Maximums Yes Yes
Office Visits Yes Yes
Self-refer to specialists Yes Yes
Pre-existing coverage available No Yes
Pre-natal and maternity No Yes
Annual Physical No Yes
Rates for 40 yr
$90 per month average cost per month after discounts for a $2500 deductible $177/mo preferred or $383 not preferred for a $3000 deductible
Covered in as little as 24 hours? Yes No

The advantages of short-term medical insurance outweigh the disadvantages BY FAR as you can see. Additionally when your short-term plan expires, you can simply purchase another. For questions concerning the best way to use short-term medical as an alternative to expensive renewable coverage in Rhode Island, please call Emily at 1-888-848-7708

For Instant Quotes for Short-term Medical Insurance:
a Quotes for Short-term Medical Insurance

Or call for a guided tour  of the quoting site and for suggestions on how to choose the best
priced/value plans.

FOR PERMANENT OPTIONS for Groups and the Self- Employed, call for Quotes and information on United Healthcare.