Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans

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For a Health Savings Account Plan Flash Demonstration from Assurant Health and Time Insurance, click here.

Download an HSA comparison Printable brochure (compared to a low deductible plan)

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See for yourself why Health Savings Account Health Insurance plans (HSAs) are your best health insurance value:

Free Article "The Numbers Prove it! Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans Beat the Co-pay plans for Price, Protection and Value!" compares a $10 co-pay plan to a  qualified high deductible HSA plan with a $4000 deductible. Click here to find out which plan gives you better protection for your money. A FREE Health Plan Specialists HSA Comparison Worksheet to do your own comparisons (and never overpay for health insurance again) is included. 


Rhode Island HSA plans for Small Businesses - details