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NOTE: We DO NOT  assist with claims for John Alden & Fortis or Assurant - unless you are a client of ours! If you are not  already a client and need to contact John Alden Life Insurance Company for Claims or policy service, please call them directly using the 800# on the back of your card. Attention Providers: Do NOT send claims to us. Please use claims forwarding address info on the back
of the patient's card.

 About Quotes

If you  are seeking individual or group health insurance and have a health history or pre-existing conditions you are concerned might affect your rates or even being accepted, save yourself time and energy and PLEASE CALL.

When applying for health insurance  your health does affect
the rate you will pay as well as what coverage you will qualify for. By providing depersonalized details about your particular situation to prospective carriers, we can often save you the time and energy of applying for coverage you may not quality for by finding out in advance how an underwriter would view your application. We can help you avoid  being rejected for coverage (and then having to disclose you were once rejected for health insurance for the rest of your life).